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It’s often a surprise to know that our pension savings don’t sit in a big safe waiting for us to retire. Pension providers actually invest our savings in companies. Making us investors. 

They do this (fingers crossed) to earn profits they can pass on to you for your retirement. But the risk is our money could – right now – be financing polluters, tobacco, factory farming, payday lenders and other types of companies that often do more harm than good for people and planet.  

You can help change that – it might be as simple as writing an email. 

The Climate Emergency is dominating the news with global protests, scenes of extreme weather and children like Greta Thunberg begging for action. We too can stand up for our planet today by ensuring our pension is not investing in companies who continue to make the climate crisis worse.  More than that, while all types of investment go up and down, the good news is that sustainable options can outperform other types over the long term. Sustainable pensions have values AND value.

You can push for your pension savings to be used for ‘good’ in the world by emailing your employer, pension provider or both. If enough of us speak up, we can help shape a pensions industry that finances a clean, stable, sustainable and prosperous future. So…  

 #MENTIONTHEPENSION and email your Employer or pension provider now.

The Department for International Development (DFID)’s survey on financing the Global Goals ‘Investing in a Better World’ tells us 68% of UK savers want their investments to consider impact on people and planet alongside financial performance. Read all about it here.

45% of 22 – 38 year olds would be motivated to increase their own contributions if their pension incorporated responsible investment. Read more here.